Boucheron is a French jewelry store founded by Frederic Boucheron in 1859 specializing in diamonds. Since its first opening, Boucheron Jewelry has attracted so many people by its innovation and creativity in diamond designs. Unlike most of jewelry stores, Boucheron invents many brilliant ways of using diamond. One of the examples is a diamond mobile phone which was the result of collaboration with a mobile phone brand, Vertu.

Boucheron itself has many kinds of collection with unique and unusual designs. If you have ever seen a diamond ring, then you might imagine a ring which is made of gold with a diamond embedded on the outer side of the ring. It is totally different from Boucheron ring named the Quatre. The Quatre is the collection of Boucheron which is made of gold, pink gold, Boucheron gold, and diamonds. Some of the collections also use ceramics, white gold, or silver. The different is that it does not only have one diamond, but a set of diamonds circling the ring. And just like the name, “Quatre”, the Quatre has four layers of the combination of the gold and the diamonds. Imagine that you have a gold ring, a pink gold ring, a white gold ring, and a diamond ring, in which the diamonds are encircling the ring, and all of them are combined into layers. That is how the Quatre looks like. It’s a brilliant combination, isn’t it? Well, wait until you see the Boucheron’s Serpent collection.

The Serpent collection of Boucheron is actually looked like a snake. The design is made just like a snake along with its head, tail, and scales. And again, it is covered with not only one diamond, but a lot of diamonds. This collection is available in bracelet, rings, earrings, and necklace. The designs are rather different from usual, for example the ring. The ring does not make a full circle; instead it has two edges, which are the head and the tail of the snake. The scales are also made in details to make it more exclusive and beautiful.

Another outstanding collection of Boucheron Jewelry is the animal collections. If you think that jewelries are boring because they have the same motive and designs, these animal collection will change your mind. Available in rings, pendant, necklace, and earrings, the animal collections are made of gold and diamond which designs are really similar to the real animal. You can have a ring in form of a flamingo, an owl, a zebra, a panda, a turtle, an elephant, or even a hedgehog. Furthermore, they are all enriched with many diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and have very attractive designs. If you want to look different but amazing, these animal collections are highly recommended for you.

Delilah is also a result of Boucheron’s creativity in designing jewelry. Available in form of necklace and bracelet, Delilah is made of gold which are processed and knitted to form a kind of fabric. This fabric is then designed to shape the necklace and bracelet with diamonds attached around the fabric. The necklace itself is more like a scarf because of the fabric. However, the designs are impressive and very different from common necklace.

The last one is the Ava collection. Boucheron also creates a simple and classic design to keep the image of elegance and mature of the wearer. The Ava collection is wholly made of white gold and diamonds. But since it is Boucheron’s, the designs are indeed beautiful and dissimilar to usual jewelries.

Nowadays, Boucheron does not only produces rings, bracelets, necklace, and earrings, but also watches and fragrant. And to serve more customers from all over the place, Boucheron has opened more than 34 shops located in all around the world and over 100 certified retailers. As for those who are living in Dubai, you can easily visit the Boucheron shop in Mall of Emirates. If you are living somewhere else, do not worry. Since 2007, Boucheron Jewelry has offered an online service and delivery for their customers all around the world. Other than that, Boucheron also provides their customer an online advice about their products and certificates concerning the gold and diamonds they offer.

Boucheron Jewelry

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