Chaumet is a high end jeweler based in Paris, founded in 1780. During more than 230 years since it was first built, Chaumet has passed through so many success and downfall. However, after Chaumet was bought by LVMH in 1999, it became profitable again until now. Chaumet is mainly developed in Europe but under the management of LVMH, Chaumet is now expanding its business in Asia to reach more jewelry lovers.

Chaumet jewelries are divided into the bridal, the jewelry and the high jewelry. There are also watches and precious watches for you to complete your collection. In the jewelry collection, there are various types of jewelry you can choose depend on the nature, materials, gemstones, or occasion. Or you can also choose from the label such as Josephine, Bee My Love, Attrape-Moi Si Tu M’Aimes, Le Grand Frisson, Liens, Class One, ABC, Anneau, and Classics.

If you like the sparkling white of sterling silver, platinum, or white gold, you might like the Classics Chaumet jewelry collection. The bright clear and clear shine of this collection creates a mysterious impression to the people who are looking at it. They do not look as luxurious as gold, but once you look at it, you will not be able to change your attention. The Josephine collection is more like the Classics. The different is the designs are more complicated and more crownish since it is a tribute to Empress Josephine. To enrich the collection, The Josephine is also made available in gold. Wearing the Josephine will really make you look like an empress and it is great for a special event. The Le Grand Frisson is another collection of Chaumet jewelry that will impress you with the aesthetic of an abstract. With the complex design and gemstones, this collection has a genuine expression of love, which is overwhelmed with happiness and romance.

Another Chaumet jewelry that will surely attract you is the Attrape-Moi Si Tu M’Aimes. The spider web design represents the ability to entrap everyone. Added with colorful gemstones as the bait, it will be difficult to stand from the Attrape-Moi Si Tu M’Aimes’s seduction. If you find that diamonds and pearls are monotone to wear, the ABC Collection will be a good choice. This collection is perfect for those who love jewelry that is simple but rich of colors. The will enlighten the mood and cheer up everyone around you. They are all interesting collections to have, but if you want a more private collection, Bee My Love is yours. With the perfect geometry of the honeycomb, the Bee My Love can be worn alone or combined with infinite numbers of combination. There are nine Bee My Love rings that you can choose and put together to make set of lovely ring according to your desire. Of all Chaumet jewelries, the Classic One is the only collection that has a monotone color. Chaumet intends to make this collection a bit different to show that even a mono-colored Chaumet jewelry can enhance the beauty of the wearer. Simplicity is the interesting aspect of this collection. The Liens of Chaumet shows that love is the combination of two things and it is symbolized by the cross design of the pieces. And the last jewelry of Chaumet is the Anneau. This collection has a same shape for all of the pieces which is rounded and has a bold part at a side of the pieces. It is more like the Classic One which promotes a mono-shape as the uniqueness.

Chaumet is a famous brand in Europe. However, since Chaumet is still developing its business in Asia, there are not many outlets available in Asia yet. However, if you are living in Dubai, you are lucky to have a Chaumet shop in the ground floor of Dubai Mall. But for those who are not living in Dubai, do not worry. Chaumet is going to open a lot of outlets soon to reach the customers in Asia. As for now, you can visit the website and choose the collections you like and prepare the budget so that when Chaumet comes to your country, you will already know what Chaumet jewelries that you want to buy.

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