Dubai malls are considered to be the most lavishing places in the world. The multiplex cinemas, video games of latest technology, and sea worlds; hence there are many entertainment opportunities in these malls. Each shopping centre offers a variety of stores in which majority offers the fashion items such as handbags, watches, and jewellery. Among these examples, buying jewellery is always preferred extremely over the other shopping options. Dubai is known for keeping the best gold quality in the world as it is a city of an Arab country and gold has been a major part of Arabian culture.

Jewellery shopping in Dubai could be a complex task as well. Due to the huge variety of jewellery, it is at times hard to take the decision of which brand you should go for. Dubai malls keeps enormous international brands of jewellery such as Piaget, De Beers, Swarovski, and many more. You name a brand and it will be there in Dubai malls. These international brands keep their best collection as well as complete catalogues, including necklaces, earrings, engagement rings, bracelets, pendants and more. During the festivals like Summer Surprise, Fashion Fiesta and the largest Dubai Shopping Festival, the local shops also offer special deals and huge discounts.

Apart from multinational brands, local jewellery is also of keen interest in jewellery shopping and many visitors prefer buying this local industry jewellery as they keep the traditional and classy touch of their culture alive in gold. Mostly the jewellery is made in yellow gold that presents the true richness of gold. Some of the local jewellers are now recognized internationally for their best quality and innovative designs. Some very popular jewellers presented in Dubai are Al-Futtaim and Al-Anwaar, Damas, Taiba, Joyalukkas, Pure Gold... These also feature the expensive and rare stones and magnificent diamond jewellery that offers a true experience of jewellery shopping. Dubai gold jewellery is further divided into two main areas, one where the gold comes from and the one who manufactures it.

For jewellery shopping in Dubai malls, it is not only gold that attracts majority of visitors but there are stores in these malls that presents jewellery made of expensive stones and other materials. Among many other fashion accessories, people prefer buying strings of pearls to get the chic look and also some of the multinational brands offer artificial jewellery as they present innovative designs in it. This artificial jewellery also maintains a good attraction in jewellery shopping. Separate sections are made in these malls for the artificial jewelry ranging from an expensive item to the reasonable price. The prices vary according to the material used in its making.

Jewellery shopping is the most memorable experience for anyone who visits Dubai. Offering the jewellery in all material, it presents some of the world's most expensive pieces to the most reasonable as well. Each mall maintains an official website that gives the complete information of the jewellery stores and the special offers on its sale. The beautiful combination of the place and product, jewellery is an increase to Dubai economy and considered to be the world's largest shopping malls.