Dubai, the most developed country in the Middle East. Although it is located in the middle of the desert, once you go there you will feel the entirely different environment from the desert. The country is like the combination of Las Vegas and Los Angeles where you can find the most sophisticated state-of-the-art technology and any other unique things in the world. In Dubai, you can also find the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa. Dubai has been a tourism destination because of the entertainment. One of the favorite tourism places in Dubai is the Dubai Gold Souk.

Dubai Gold Souk is a traditional market which consists of more than 300 retailers that mostly are specializing in jewelry. Just like the name, almost all of the gold transactions are conducted in Dubai Gold Souk. And one of the famous stores in this marker is the Al Zain Jewelry. Al Zain Jewelry is like the Cartier in Dubai. It is the oldest jeweller in Dubai and specializing in selling high quality of jewelry such as silver, gold, and diamond. Established in 1930s, the more than 70 years of experience in jewelry has made Al Zain becomes the jewelry market leader in Dubai. Al Zain is well-known for its high quality cut of finest stones and valuable gems, which will attract every woman to own the collections. Al Zain Jewelry also has the largest showroom in Dubai Gold Souk with the most complete collections of jewelry.

Al Zain has attracted most of its customer by providing the range of collections from the western designs to the eastern designs. It also produces an incredible ring for an engagement or marriage. Cooperating with the French's Guy Laroche and the Cacharel, two of the most well-known fashion company in the world, Al Zain's ring collections become one of the most unique and exciting collections in the world. And because of the cooperation that makes Al Zain become one of the most reputable jewelers around the world. All Al Zain's collections quality is guaranteed to have the best shape and design because all of the jewels are handcrafted. The gold jewels mostly are made of 21K and 22K of Bahraini gold and the diamonds are picked from the elite stones which are ready to be shaped as an incredible accessories, including rings, necklace, earrings, and pendants.

Although Al Zain is based in the Dubai Gold Souk, Al Zain has several showrooms in Dubai to reach a wider range of market which are ready to give the best service for the customers. You can find the showrooms in the largest shopping mall in the downtown, including the brand new Festival City Centre, the Mall of the Emirates, Deira City Centre, and the Burjuman Shopping Centre. By opening the branches in malls, the Al Zain's customers can visit the showroom and instead of going to the traditional market, they can enjoy the entertainment in the malls.

The fame of Al Zain has attracted not only local visitors but also international tourists and international retailers to purchase the jewels for private purpose or to be resold in another country. And the interesting thing is that Al Zain does not sell their jewelry online, which makes all customers have to come directly to Dubai and find the Al Zain Jewelry by themselves.

Nowadays, Al Zain is continuing expanding its market to reach wider range of customers. The chain stores are starting to open in many other Middle East countries, such as Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, and Qatar. In Bahrain, you can find Al Zain Jewelry at Bahrain City Centre Mal, Seef Mall, Yateem Centre, and Sheraton Complex. In Abu Dhabi, you find it at Khalidiyah Mall and Marina Mall. And in Qatar, Al Zain Jewelry is only available at Lagoona Mall Doha at the time. However, Al Zain keeps expanding its business and intenting to come to every country in the Middle East, such as Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, and Jordan. Al Zain also holds annual exhibitions to show the latest collections of jewelry such as the Jewellery Arabia Expo, and the Dubai Jewellery Week.

So, if only you have the chance to come to Dubai, make sure you visit the stores of Al Zain to complete your journey in exploring the sparkling world of Dubai.

Al Zain Jewelry

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