Blue Nile was established for diamond lovers all over the world. This retailer has been trusted by many people for its thousands certified diamond. One positive point of Blue Nile is that it offers the costumers the in-depth educational materials through its official website for the customers who want to create or realize their ideas of jewelry of their own. Blue Nile provides up to 10 shapes of diamond that can be freely chosen by the customers to create their own jewelry. Those shapes of diamonds are round, princess, emerald, asscher, marquise, oval, radiant, pear, heart cushion. Every shape has their own attraction and these shapes are provided by this jeweler so that the customer can choose the best one based on the function and their characteristics.

Blue Nile helps the customer to realize their dreamt ring, pendant, three-stone ring, earring, or even the five-stone ring in which all of them decorated with the high quality diamonds. As an online retailer, its official website is completed with the part for those who are looking for a diamond either for her/himself or as a gift. This part consists of the range of the price, the size, the shape, the carat, the clarity and even the color of the diamond. The customer can also choose whether the diamond should be polished or made fluorescence or else. As for those who want to buy the diamond as a gift, they can also choose the sending date of the diamond so that the lucky receiver will get his/her unbelievably amazing price on time.

Besides its Signature Diamonds, Blue Nile also has the Canadian Diamonds. It is Canada because this country has become the world’s third largest diamond supplier. Canada produces more or less 15% diamonds in the world. All Canadian Diamond that are purchased in Blue Nile will be accompanied with the certificate that states the complete detail of the diamond. This certificate will guarantee the quality and the originality of the diamond. Moreover, you can also choose your type of Canadian Diamond in the website.

Another point of Blue Nile is that it provides not only the clear diamonds but also the colorful fancy diamonds. These diamonds named fancy color diamonds instead of having lower quality because of its color, they actually are rarer than the white/colorless one since only 1 in every 10,000 diamonds that has the natural color. When purchasing the fancy color diamonds, the cut and the clarity are less important than the intensity, the deepness and the richness of the color. If the color is more intense, then the diamond is rarer and more expensive. Blue Nile website provides the complete information on the range of the intensity of fancy color diamonds and also the other things that should be thinking about before purchasing this diamond. It really is helpful for you who want to give the best gift for your spouse in Valentine’s Day or at the anniversary.

As for the engagement and wedding rings, Blue Nile cooperates with Monique Lhuillier, a renowned bridal designer, to create the most special creation of diamond for your most special one-in-a-lifetime moment. The cooperation of Lhuillier adds the sense of elegance, feminine, glamour and allure in every detail of the engagement rings and wedding bands. The collection of Monique Lhuillier consists of the Romantic, Modern, Tradition and Antiquity collections.

Not only does Blue Nile Jewelry provide the collections of engagement rings and wedding bands, but it also provides the collections of gifts for the bride and the groom. If the wedding couple is your best friend or your brother or sister or maybe even your daughter or son, do not be hesitate to give the gift that they will never forget. The gift for the broom and bride can be the ear stud or the diamond necklace or the bracelet. Moreover, these collections are not only decorated with diamond but also topaz, pearl, sapphire and many other beautiful gemstones.

Alongside with its success as the number one online diamond retailer, the online shopping service is also held in Dubai. The readily available diamonds of Blue Nile can be easily found at Dubai Gold Souk and Gold & Diamond Park. Although the headquarter of Blue Nile is in Seattle, USA, it includes Dubai as one of its sending system since Dubai has been well-known for its attraction in tourism and gold. This is helpful for tourists or Dubai people to purchase the Blue Nile’s diamonds based on what they like.

Blue Nile Jewelry

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