It is pronounced "bulgari" and everyone must have ever heard of it. Yes, it is a French company which was mainly running on jewelry but nowadays has expanded their commodities into fashion products such as watches, fragrant, leather goods, and even hotels. Bvlgari has been owned by LVMH since 2011 but it still produces its own products and using its own label.

Since jewelries were the product that have made Bvlgari’s name, they certainly have an undisputed quality. All Bvlgari jewelries are made with a perfect cut and design to match the wearer’s desire perfectly. Handily made with the combination of classic and modern, Bvlgari jewelries are timeless and everlasting. With the reputation, Bvlgari jewelry has attracted many famous people and actresses; let us just say Julianne Moore, Madonna, Anne Hattaway, and Keira Knightley. To be able to enchant those famous actresses, Bvlgari jewelry surely has a very brilliant design.

If you are a woman who are looking for pretty jewelries to adorn your beautiful body, Bvlgari jewelry should be your first choice. Besides the quality, Bvlgari also has various kinds of jewelry collections, i.e. bracelets, chains and leather cords, cufflinks, earrings, engagement rings, necklace, pendants, rings, and wedding rings. The various collections allow you to pick the right jewel for certain occasion or event.

One of the incredible collections of Bvlgari jewelries is the Serpenti. Serpenti comes from the bracelet collection and it has an unusual design which is a model of a snake, just like its name. The Serpenti design is made to look like a snake that is coiling around the wearer hand. Altough it was first introduced as a watch, in which the clock is placed inside the head of the snake, Serpenti now is also available in forms of bracelets and rings, with diamonds and precious gems enriching the body of the snake. Wearing the Serpenti, you will surely amaze the people around you with the details of the snake and the color choice combined with the gold and diamonds.

Now if you love antique and ancient accessories like what you can see in the movies, Bvlgari has anticipated that beforehand. The Monete is the ancient Bvlgari jewelry that can bring you back to the age of Cleopatra of the Ancient Egypt. The Monete is available in a set of bracelets and necklace with embedded coins to replace the gemstones. You might be wondering why use coins instead of diamonds or sapphires? It is because coins were the symbol of wealth back in the age of Ancient Rome or Egypt, and to make the jewel really looks like an ancient jewelry, Bvlgari chooses coins instead of those precious gemstones. And do not worry; Bvlgari has designed its jewelries to be, no matter how ancient they look, versatile and exquisite.

Bvlgari also creates a collection of unique jewel to be a special collection of Bvlgari, the Bvlgari Bvlgari. Available in pendant, necklace, earrings, and rings, the Bvlgari Bvlgari is made of pink gold or white gold with diamonds attached to it. These collections have a circular shape with the words “Bvlgari Bvlgari” written around the circle. This is a way of Bvlgari to show that the name is not just a name but a name that can beautify your jewelries as well.

As one of reputable companies, Bvlgari also tries to put concerns to the society. Bvlgari has a philanthropy program by donating some of the earnings from the selling of the jewelry to the poor, especially children, to help elevating their life quality and a better future. To join this program, Bvlgari produces a jewel which is intended to save the children, named The Ring. The Ring is basically taken from one of Bvlgari collections, the B.zero1, and is available in sterling silver or ceramic. The design is made with a good precision and it is not just a jewel, but a real pretty and elegant ring with the Save the Children logo engraved on the inside of the ring. Available at all of it's brand boutiques around the world.

Bvlgari Jewelry

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