Do you wish to get something sparkling for your birthday? Or do you plan to give the best quality accessory for your beloved one? Cara Jewellers can be your best choice. Cara Jewellers can be easily found in Dubai Gold and Diamond Park at Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai. Some people say that this shop is the busiest shop in the mall since the very morning on the opening time until its closing time. It is true that this shop is always full of customers because its reliability in making the best jewelry. Cara Jewellers can craft the exact jewelry as you wish for, even if you need some changes after the work. The products of this jeweller are the long-last investments. They produce jewelries only by using 18-carat of gold and certificated diamonds.

Not only does Cara Jewellers create jewelries based on your own wish, but it also produces its own creative jewelries. Besides, you can also get the gift ideas from its official website. When you visit the shop, your idea of making your own will be enriched by the idea of the professional designers there. Cara Jewellers believes that every piece of this luxury item brings the emotional relation of the buyer and that it should be created by respecting every kind of emotion. Thus, it tries its best to create the beautiful piece that can be the best treat for everyone who gets it, even through giving training to its employees. Cara Jewellers’ employees are able to give an excellent service for the customers who try to show their love through this luxurious beautiful piece.

Cara was started by the brothers Kiran and Anil when they worked at a Gold Souk in 1993. Only within a few years they got the customers’ heart because the combination of the full-of-love services, high quality pieces and low prices. These two brothers learnt many things from the Gold Souk they worked before, from how to make the best jewelries to what kind of jewelries that certain customers want. By starting to work for US$ 220/month, Kiran and Anil also learnt how to give the best sparkling piece by giving the better saving for customers.

Regardless of Cara’s effort in giving a low price yet high quality jewelry, this jewellers always keeps its pace in following the change of fashion and also hires some designers to complete the collection. Based on the meaning itself, “Cara” means “friend” in Irish, therefore Cara Jewellers always treats the customers as its friend which is worth to be given the certified collection of jewelries.

The collections consist of rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, anklets, cufflinks, pearls and loose stones. It is also provided for male and female, children and adults. When you are thinking of completing your jewelry collection by purchasing one of Cara’s you can find the one(s) that suit your color of your eyes, your birth stone, or even the occasion when it will be used because Cara Jewellers not only provides the ones with the combination of white gold or gold with diamonds, but it also provides the ones with colorful stones or other ornaments.

Once you choose to design your own special piece of jewelry, Cara’s team will guide and help to transfer your imagination into the visible image before you decide to transfer your idea into the real piece that you can touch and enjoy forever.

Alongside with treating your eyes with those sparkling jewelries in Cara Jewellers, you can as well treat your mind and heart by having a vacation in Dubai. This UAE city which is regarded as the must-visit city for tourist is the right place to spend your quality time enjoying the life of everything using "superlative" words, such as the highest building in the world, the largest mall in the world and even the most ambitious project of man-made islands. No more hesitation to visit Dubai for your vacation or even honeymoon because there are plenty of activities to do that will never make you bored in this city. Even for you who decide to buy gold in Dubai, it is the best choice because Dubai has an important role in world’s gold trade.

Cara Jewelers

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