As expected from Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel also known as Coco Chanel, Chanel jewelry was also made uniquely different from any other brands’ jewels. Coco Chanel was the first designer who crafted imitative jewelry in a very new form. Although it was called ‘imitative’, Chanel imitative jewels were still made into the state of the art form. The idea of making the imitative jewels came from her concern to the people who come from the same background of hers. By making the imitative jewels, people who cannot afford to buy the expensive jewelry were still able to have jewels. Besides, we can also say that imitative jewelry shows the real self of Coco Chanel since her idea of jewelry is as something to beautify the wearer instead of something to show the wealth of the wearer.

During her lifetime, Coco Chanel did many things that were considered unconventional to the tradition of fashion back then. Instead of wearing full-decorated hat and dress, she preferred the simple black one. She also preferred to wear her simple jewels during the daytime or even to the beach instead of wearing them during the evening events. Moreover, although she had some expensive authentic luxurious jewels which were given by her rich friends, she was rarely seen wearing them. However, she became the first designer who was respected of using faux jewelry. Her beloved pearl necklace was even made from artificial pearls and that this necklace was made into her costume jewelry.

Above all her love on the fake affordable jewelry, House of Chanel produces the exclusive high-quality jewels which are easily made high class people fall in love with. The idea of the creation of Chanel jewelry came from many famous designers. Her love in Romanov jewelry which was given to her, she got the idea to make the long gilt chains which is decorated with Baroque crosses. Another given jewelry was by Duke of Westminster which successfully gave her the endless idea of costume jewelry. Coco Chanel could evenly get the creative ideas by looking at the buttons, chains and tassels of the uniform of military. These ideas strongly influence the fashion nowadays.

Chanel jewelry is marked with its signature logo or in the form of the logo itself. The jewelry of Chanel has 6 collections which are Camelia, Comete, Baroque, Bridal, 1932 and Ultra, while the types of the jewelry consist of brooch, necklace, bracelet, ring, ear stud, earring, hair comb, cuff and chocker. For the Spring-Summer 2013 Pre-Collection, Chanel jewelry gives out the collection of jewelry which uses glass pearls. There are also the brooch metal logo which is embellished with lace pattern and the other collection with the combination of glass pearl and lace pattern-stone. All these collections can be found in every official store of Chanel.

Having been established in Paris, House of Chanel has opened its branches in other countries all over the world, and without leaving Dubai, the UAE city which is rated as the best place to live in the Middle East. Dubai with its fabulous tourism spots has successfully attracted people in the world to come and enjoy the leisure and comfortable life. Alongside with its great development in tourism, the trade has also developed very well since every trader wants to take apart in this success. Chanel does not miss this opportunity to spread its wing.

The Chanel jewelry is provided in Chanel Boutiques and Chanel Fine Jewelry Boutique. In Dubai, there are 5 official boutiques. The Chanel Boutique can be found in Wafi Mall at Al Garhoud Road, Dubai Mall at Fashion Avenue and New Burjuman Center at Khalid bin Waleed Road. Meanwhile, the fine jewelry boutique can be found in Dubai Mall at Fashion Avenue and Wafi Shopping Mall at Al Garhoud Road. Usually, the boutique and the fine jewelry boutique are separated.

While going shopping in Dubai, you can also enjoy the beauty of the man-made islands, the sway of the dancing fountains which dance by following the music of top singers, the splendor of the tallest building Burj Khalifa, the robustness of Burj al Arab which is the tallest hotel that is standing on an artificial land and the other amazing things that will make you astonished to the grandeur of human beings.

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