Chemmanur Jewellers is the name of an Indian company and was the first company exporting gold from South India. Chemmanur Jewellers was originated from Kerala and began its business by selling gold. However, besides gold, now Chemmanur Jewellers also produces diamonds and silver and keep expanding their business to the region of Uni Emirat Arab. Chemmanur Jewellers has many associates to help the distribution process to the global market. Today, Chemmanur Jewellers expands their business to not only jewelry but also educational institution, financial plantation, medical equipment, fashion, and even baby products.

At the Middle East, you can find Chemmanur Jewellers associates in Gold Souk of Dubai, Al-hallami Centre of Abu Dhabi, and Manama of Bahrain. In the future, Chemmanur plans to grow even more than just the Arabian Gulf countries but also the vast land of the Uni Emirate Arab. It has been Chemmanur Jewellers’ vision to be the market leader of jewelry, retail and service industry, thus to fulfill their aspiration, Chemmanur Jewellers provides a big opportunity for those who are willing to join and be one of their enforcement team. Chemmanur Jewellers is also opened for those who want to make a partnership in jewelry business. To show their seriousness, Chemmanur Jewellers plans to open up a store chain every three months so that their stores can always be available for their customers. The news said that Chemmanur Jewellers will soon open in Malaysia too.

As an international jewelry company, Chemmanur Jewellers offers a lot of easiness for the customers. There are programs such as credit facility on gold purchase, in which you can buy gold by credit, and diamond purchase plan, in which you can buy diamond from Chemmanur Jewellers and later you can sell it back in full price just like the first time you bought it. And by opening more branches, Chemmanur hopes to be able to produce the jewelry at a local store to reduce the cost of jewelry so that the customers can purchase the jewelries at a lower price.

All Chemmanur’s jewelries are legal and conflict-free, and they also come with a certificate to show the ownership and the specification. This certificate will also help you when you want to resell them back someday. You can also purchase the jewelry online by visiting their official site; however, right now the service is only available for those who are living in India. But if you live in Dubai, you can always visit their official store to get a hospitable and friendly service.

Chemmanur has a product that exclusively comes from the culture of Indian, the nose rings. They also created this product to represent the Indian culture from the design. Furthermore, Chemmanur Jewellers can also adjust the gemstone to match your birthday. To keep the quality of the jewels, Chemmanur also collaborates with Mikura, an exceptional pearl producer that is specializing in selling pearls in Dubai. That is why every pearl jewel of Chemmanur has a certificate to show the grade of the pearl and guarantee the quality of the pearl.

To be able to stand firm, Chemmanur Jewellers realizes that they need the support from stakeholders as much as they can get. Thus, Chemmanur Jewellers also pays attention to their social responsibility as a company. In the past few years, Chemmanur Jewellers has opened some schools, universities, and temples, to develop the community as their concern to build a good society. The Chemmanur International Jewellers also hold a blood donation program that is opened for everyone who wants to contribute for the life of the other people. The vision to open 100 branches around the world by 2020 is a part of their concern to increase the life quality of the society and provide more jobs to the unemployed. Chemmanur Jewellers will always keep the balance of the business purpose and the social environment where it stands. If you are planning to be a jeweler, there is an institution Chemmanur Jewellers owned in Bangalore, Kamataka. This is the Chemmanur Gold Academy which will teach and train the students from the basic knowledge of gold to the advance lessons about setting up a gold company, managing the business, and creating the showroom. This might the first institution which offers such establishment in India.

Chemmanur Jewellers

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