Damas is the leading international jewellery headquartered in Dubai, UAE. The Group originated in Syria but later switched its operation to the UAE and launched their first branded jewellery line under the Harmony brand in 1988. Today, the Damas Jewellery Group has over 438 exclusive showrooms in over 18 across the world that includes Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Turkey etc.

Damas Jewellery is the traveler’s choice destination for shopping jewellery at Dubai. Over the years, the company’s brand has reached across the world that attracts travelers and shoppers to Dubai to have a closer look and buy the best designed and cut jewellery in the world.

Damas jewellery mainly deals with diamond, gemstones, gold, men’s jewellery and pearl jewellery. They have 13 brands that include, Boudoor, Farasha, Fior, Fulla, Harmony, Hayati, Jawaher, Kiku, Manthourah, Solitaire, OneSixEight and Spring.

Apart from the Damas Jewellery brands, the company also deals with popular international brands such as the Baraka, Carrera y Carrera, and Cento by Roberto Coin, Chiampesan, Fope, Forevermark, Magerit, Marco Bicego, Mikimoto, Pasquale Bruni and Roberto Coin. These are all popular brands of jewellery that you can find in your shopping at Damas Jewellery.

Damas Jewellery has a huge collection of the finest design of anklets, bangles, bracelets, brooches, cufflinks, earrings, hair clip, mobile charm, necklaces, pendants, punja and rings. They have the best designs that you can’t find anywhere else. These are the finest and elegant designs created by the best designers in the world.

Today, Damas Jewellery has more than 20 showrooms that sell the best jewellery in the world. If you are visiting Dubai, you must visit the excellent leading international Damas Jewellery showrooms. You will get mesmerized and fall in love with the wide range of unique and masterpieces in the showrooms.

Apart from jewellery, Damas jewellery also has the finest watch collections. The showrooms have a fine collection of International brands of watches that includes Armin Strom, Chronoswiss, Hysek, Parmigiani, Perrelet, Sarcar and Vacheron Constantin. Apart from these exclusive watches, you can also find various Damas watches such as Chalyano, Cobra, Go Girl Only, Jacques Lemans, Talos, vrotti and visetti. These watches are available in different colors according to your requirements.

Damas jewellery has various promotions where you can save money on your jewellery shopping. You can get great deals while shopping with the partner banks and loyalty programmes. There are also the special Damas gifts vouchers that will help you celebrate.

Shopping in Dubai is not easy especially jewellery and watches. However, Damas jewellery is one of the ideal places for you to go shopping in Dubai for all your jewellery and watches. You will like checking the excellent wide range of collections in the showrooms.

Damas Jewellery has earned several international awards for their excellent international reputation. It’s surely the most exclusive fashion jewellery and watches showroom in the world. It is a frequently visited showroom by travelers visiting Dubai, as they are always offered new and unique masterpiece.

Damas Jewellery

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Damas Jewellery

Damas jewelry is renowned for its sophisticated looks and quality. From the stylish earrings and bangles to the classic necklaces and pendants, Damas ensures that its variety is wide enough to appeal to all preferences. Visit any Damas outl ...

Damas Diamond jewelry

Buy stunning diamond jewelry from Damas, a top jeweler in Dubai. The brand stocks a wide variety of diamond collections, the elegant Solitaire, the chic Fulla for the young shoppers, the precisely cut Onesixeight, Hayati which features stud ...

Damas Necklaces

Buy stunning necklaces at Damas, one of the leading jewelry houses in Dubai. Damas offers a number of necklace collections from its own local designers and international brands. Most of its necklaces are made from gold and diamonds, but the ...

Damas Dubai

Damas is one of the oldest jewelers in Dubai, having set shop in the city in 1950 though established in Syria in 1907. Damas offers jewelry across four-tier stores. Each store level has its own price range and in this way, Damas caters to s ...

Damas Men's Jewelry

Looking for sophisticated men’s jewellery in Dubai? Pop into any Damas store and choose from a wide range of athletic men’s jewelry. Rings, bracelets, chains, cufflinks and more are readily available. Damas men’s jewelry is designed f ...

Damas Gold Jewelry

Check out the wide variety of jewelry available at Damas. As one of the largest jewelry stores in Dubai, Damas offers the finest quality of jewelry and caters to millions of customers annually. Shop at any Damas three-tier stores – Les Ex ...

Damas Bracelets

Buy beautiful bracelets at any Damas store in Dubai. Damas bracelets are handcrafted and come in unique designs with no replicas. Bracelets from international brands are also available and come in a variety of styles as well, ranging from t ...

Damas Gold Jewelry

Get the perfect jewelry from Damas, a top jeweler in Dubai and one of the leading suppliers of gold jewelry in the UAE. The brand has a wide variety of local collections as well as collections from international brands. Whether you are look ...

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Find beautiful and uniquely shaped earrings at any Damas store near you. Damas is one of the leading jewelry stores in Dubai and is renowned for its quality products and amazing prices. Buy earrings, rings, bracelets, bangles, necklaces, ch ...

Damas Necklace

Looking for a classy necklace that will match most of your outfits? Consider shopping at Damas, Dubai, where a large variety of designer necklaces are available for sale. Handmade necklaces, gold necklaces, diamond necklaces, Indian style n ...

Damas Dubai

Damas is one of the top jeweler shops in Dubai. The jewelry brand offers a wide variety of high quality jewelry, which includes earrings, bracelets, bangles, rings, necklaces, pendants, chains, anklets and more for women, men and children. ...

Damas Bracelets

Buy classic bracelets from Damas in Dubai and enjoy choosing from hundreds of designs available. Damas stocks its own creations as well as collections from international jewelry brands such as Marco Bicego, best known for its handcrafted br ...

Damas Gold Sets

Choose the right jewelry for any occasion at a Damas store near you. Damas sells a wide variety of jewelry collections and has something for men, women and children. The brand operates three levels of stores in Dubai, with each store level ...

Damas Jewelry

For the finest quality in jewelry, visit Damas outlets in Dubai. Damas offers a wide range of jewelry, from the most exclusive designs to the most affordable. Outlets are located within most shopping malls in the city. You can also view ava ...

Damas Watches

Let your watch make a fashion statement about you by choosing a stylish jewelry watch from the Damas range of watches. Damas watches are designed to be fashionable and more than just a timepiece. Choose from tens of international watch bran ...

Damas Rings

Visit any Damas shop in Dubai to choose from different collections of gold and diamond rings. Also available is a male rings collection, Baraka, whose rings are characteristically large and masculine to suit male preferences. The precise cu ...

Damas Brands

Buy high quality jewelry from the leading Damas in Dubai and enjoy the glamorous edge it adds to your outlook. Top brands and collections to choose from include Fior, Hayati, Manthourah, OneSixEight, Fulla, Jawaher, Harmony, Kiku, and Faras ...

Damas Gold Jewels

For exclusive jewelry in Dubai, shop at any Damas outlet in Dubai. Damas offers three types of stores: Les Exclusive stores, Semi–Exclusive stores and 22k stores. The first offers exclusive, high end jewelry, the second offers stunning je ...

Damas Jewelry & Dubai Malls

Damas is a jewelry brand that brings you quality and diverse styles of jewelry. You may pick the Damas jewelry of your choice at any of their outlets in Dubai. You’ll find jewelry made out of gold, diamonds, pearls or even gemstones. This ...

Damas Jewelry Shopping

Damas is the leading jewelry brand in Dubai and is famous for its unique and elegant jewelry. It deals with diamond, pearls, gold and gemstones. Damas has thirteen collections including the Solitaire and Spring. The collections include hair ...

Damas Jewelry in Dubai

If you would like to impress a certain person, you would probably succeed by offering him or her a distinguished and dashing jewelry, which might be simple yet elegant and fashionable. Therefore, if you plan to perform such an action, it is ...