Have you been wondering about the jewels that are worn by many of James ‘007’ Bond’s women? Have you ever dreamt about having one of the jewels, or some of them? Then, here is presented the jewellery of David Morris, the number one London jeweller.

The jewellery of David Morris has been trusted to beautify those beautiful women, as we all know, of James Bond who is well-known for his high taste for woman. This legendary career was started in 1962 when the young David Morris, a master of diamond crafting, decided to lead the business of jeweller by opening its first jewellery firm. His name became famous together with his partner when they claimed the 9th and the 10th De Beers Diamonds International Awards. This award was held annually to promote the innovative design of designers in that time. Some years after this success, Morris got many great clients including queens, princes and princesses, dukes and also earls. Moreover, in order to give meaning to his friendship with his clients, Roger Moore and Maurice Binder, who worked on fourteen James Bond movies, David Morris started to present his collections of diamond and jewellery in Bond movies. Up to these days, on the middle of 2012 David Morris was given a chance to held the ‘Designing 007’ Barbican Exhibition to commemorate James Bond 50th anniversary. He was the only jewellery designer that was given this opportunity.

Feel the intense of beauty when wearing all the collections of David Morris. These sparkling things are not only made to beautify you but also to show the ability of David Morris in the art of jewel designing. Creating a beautiful diamond ring is not easy because every cut will make a different sense to its perfection. The same goes to the choice of the wearer. When someone chooses to wear jewellery, s/he should be able to suit the jewellery to many things, such as the occasion, the dress and even to the shape of the part of the body which will be beautified. David Morris understands such important aspects and always be aware of them when he creates a magnificent piece. Every penny that you spend in David Morris jewellery will worth your lifetime satisfaction.

David Morris jewellery consists of the Important Rings which mostly have been worn by James Bond’s women, the Engagement Rings, Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, Watches, Sets which consist of the set of necklace and earrings and Collections which mostly consist of necklace, earrings and rings. These jewels are made not only for adults but also made suitable for teenagers and young adults. They are also made of the best colorful gemstones, such as ruby, pearl, sapphire, emerald, etc. and not only diamonds or fancy color diamonds. These stones have their natural color. Therefore it really suits for every kind of personality.

As to keep the reliability and the originality of each creation, besides having the flagship store in London, David Morris spreads the wing to the limited cities in which all the cities only have one official store. Those cities are Hong Kong as the branch for Southeast Asia; Dubai, Doha and Riyadh as the branches for Asia; while Moscow and Riga are the branches for Europe. Most of the branches are established in Arabian cities because those areas are well known for their great resource of mineral stones.

As the best city of UAE, Dubai has been trusted to be the place to build David Morris branch. The city which sets tourism as its strongest economy point has developed every point that will attract tourists, both local and international, such as the tourism spots and the shopping places. For the shopping place itself, there is Dubai Mall which is the largest mall in the world. There are 1,200 retail outlets in this mall which consist of famous and classy brands.

In this large mall, you can find and purchase all collections of David Morris in the G Level in Fine Jewellery section from 10 to 24 almost every day. David Morris successfully combines the rare stones with the traditional materials. Thus, it strengthens the attraction of its jewelry, especially in Dubai.

David Morris Jewellery

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