Everybody loves present. Someone can give you any present for your special day whether it is your birthday, your anniversary, or any other special occasions. As we all know, February is the month of love. Valentine’s Day is coming closer. We must celebrate this month with love, joy, and of course, a present! Giving chocolate in Valentine’s Day becomes a tradition from time to time. However, have you ever thought to give your partner a very special gift that she will never forget in her lifetime? Basically, every woman deserves a special thing for Valentine’s Day. Diamond can be an option for your consideration. From all the diamond brands all over the world, Dhamani is one of the finest choices for you.

Dhamani is one of the most famous jewellery brands in Dubai. It originated from India, but the business develops in Dubai. To fulfill the need of jewellery that has been bedazzling human since the early times, this brand has brought the finest jewellery to the customers since 1969. This company was founded by Mr. L. N. Dhamani, and later he grants the company to his eldest son Mr. Amit Dhamani who transformed the company into a very big and prestigious jewellery brand. After 18 years under Mr. Amit Dhamani’s modern style management, the company developed and become one of the important jewellery corporations in Dubai and in Europe. Mr. Dhamani handles one of the largest jewellery retail in the Gulf. His company has offices in India, Beirut, Istanbul, and Thailand. Dhamani is well known for their unique cut named “Dubai Cut”. Things that make Dubai Cut special are this cut has 99 facets that represent the 99 names of Allah. The process of making this Dubai Cut is complicated and takes longer time than the usual cut. Those 99 facets make the diamonds shine excessively and it increases the value and attractiveness of the diamonds. Each of those cut has initial letter D in every piece of the diamonds which are engraved to it with laser. Dubai Cut diamonds are sold as the part of jewellery and also in the form of loose stones.

Next to Dubai Cut, Dhamani offers diamonds and other gemstones with beautiful and elegant design and high quality materials. Their collections of sapphires, rubies, emeralds, colored stones, and pearls are stunning. The Dhamani diamonds combine the brilliant cut, the carat weight, and the perfect color to make an ideal jewellery for the customers. The sapphire gemstones are available in various colors, such as deep midnight blue, violet twilight, crystal pinks, sunset oranges, and also majestic black. The rubies collections are also special because it is selected rubies from Burma and Thailand. Those best selected rubies will maintain you to spread out your beauty. This brand has great collections of the king of gemstones, emeralds, from Colombia and Zambia to express your youth spirit with the fresh color of green. The semi-precious colored stones are available in so many cuts, styles, and settings. They have various colors of stones from aquamarine, tourmaline, and every color that the rainbows have. The designs are exclusive, unique, elegant, and fashionable. Besides the fact that all of the gemstones have been adored from the ancient time, this brand makes no one can resist the beauty and luxury of their jewellery. As the one of the finest jewellery brand, they also offer loose stones to fulfill the customers’ needs.

With all those incredible profile of the company and the quality of the jewellery, you don’t have to think twice to decide where to get the perfect gift for special Valentine’s Day. Give your partner the special gift that she will never forget for her lifetime. Not only diamond is a special gift for your partner, buying diamond can be a good investment for your future. It is very easy to get this diamond; Dhamani has more than 20 stores all over Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. You can find the stores in Gould Souk Main Street, in the Mall of the Emirates, Burjuman Centre, Dubai Festival City, Gold and Diamond Park, The Gold Center, Mardif City Center, Gold Land Building, Cosmos Lane, Meena Bazaar, and in some more places that spread around Dubai, U.A.E. Besides Dubai, you can also find their stores in Switzerland, India, and Thailand.

Dhamani Jewellery

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