Wedding is a very special moment for every person in the world. Every wedding has to be perfect, from the place, the building, the gown and the suit, the flowers, and the catering have all to be perfect. The most important thing in for a wedding is the wedding ring. The ring has to be very special since married is a big step in your lifetime. For centuries, diamond rings has been the symbol of love and commitment for a couple. So, you have to be very careful in choosing your wedding rings. The perfect rings for a perfect wedding is the one comes from The House of Graff. Graff Diamonds will provide you with the best diamond ring for your wedding. The engagement, wedding, and eternity rings present in a beautiful and significant way to make the most exquisite bridal jewel in the world.

Graff Diamonds is a very famous jeweller that based in London, United Kingdom. The company was founded in the 1960 by Laurence Graff. It is a very big company that specialized in cutting raw stones and making jewellery until it is ready to wear. The jewels from this company are the best for your wedding, because at Graff, they only choose the purest and the most brilliant stones for their bridal jewels. Each of the jewellery has its own special characteristic to satisfy your need. Every Graff diamond ring has GRAFF logo which is laser-inscribed in the girdle and it has GIA identification number. If you have your own desire to get a very specific and unique ring, Graff can create a very unique diamond ring for individual style. Graff Diamonds has so many collections for the wedding rings. The signature style of the bridal jewels in The House of Graff is pink diamond. Pink diamond is the rarest diamond in the nature, it is said that for every 10.000 diamonds on earth, only one pink diamond is found. The company presents this beautiful pink diamond with a beautiful cut and combines them with high quality gold and brilliant white diamond. For your unique and rare wedding, the company offers six diamond cuts that can satisfy your needs. They are square emerald, oval cut, emerald cut, brilliant cut diamond, radiant cut diamond, and pear shape diamond. You can choose it based on your taste and need. Besides this special signature style, Graff House also has amazing collections of diamond wedding rings. They are available in many cuts such as square emerald, radiant, marquise, heart shape, oval, and pear shape emerald, brilliant with baguettes, and brilliant with pear shape.

Graff Diamonds has many other collections of gemstones that have their own interesting story behind them. One of the famous gemstone from this company named The Wittelsbach-Graff. It is a historical dark blue diamond that came from a very long time ago. Laurence Graff tried to re-polish this stone to release the beauty from this stone. Originally, this stone was owned by King Philip IV of Spain in the year of 1644. In 1722, the stone became the part of the Bavarian Jewel Collection owned by Wittlesbach family. After it disappeared during the World War I, in 2008, Lauren Graff got this stone in an auction and decided to re-polish this stone. With his hard work, the result of the stone was stunning. It becomes the largest flawless diamond in the world. Now, the diamond was displayed in The Smithsonian in Washington and The Natural History Museum in New York to provide the chance for the people to admire this amazing and historical gemstone.

Besides the bridal jewels and the interesting Wittlesbach-Graff diamond story, the Graff Diamonds has a lot of unique diamonds collections to complete your gemstone collections at home. The “Bombé” earrings that was made from the combination of rubies, sapphires, and emerald will make you look magical and marvelous. There is also the “Multishape Ruby and Diamond Tassel Collection, which is the combination of glowing ruby beads with rich color and stunning diamonds to complete your necklace and earrings set.

With bridal jewellery from Graff Diamonds, you can now have your special wedding day. It is not perfect yet before you get the special place for your wedding. Dubai can be an excellent choice to have your wedding party. With all the sparks, modernity, hospitality, and pleasure that this city offers, you can have your perfect wedding party under Dubai sky. If you choose Dubai as your wedding destination, don’t worry because The House of Graff also opens their store for you there. You can find the store in The Burj Al Arab and The Dubai Mall. Enjoy your sparkling and happily ever after marriage in Dubai with The House of Graff.

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