One of some big contributors of Dubai’s prosperity comes from gold mining and business. Gold has given big contribution to Dubai since many years ago. Its prosperity in gold brought this city to be an important trade route of gold in 1970s and 1980s. This city also allowed free trade in gold until 1990s. These factors make Dubai known as the City of Gold, and this hail is not without reason because gold is the major economy aspect in Dubai and in 2011 Dubai could reach 580 tons of gold production.

Coming from this fact, many factories and businesses of gold appear in Dubai and other cities around the UAE. These factories and businesses compete to serve the customer the best gold and to fulfill the demand of gold by local people and global tourists. However, Kaloti Jewellery has been proven to be the main choice to buy gold.

Kaloti is one branch business of Kaloti Gold Factory, the largest gold refinery around its headquarter in Sharjah, Emirate. The factory is the leader of metal industry, mostly gold, that serves the customer with the smelting and assaying services. All products of the smelting and assaying are sold in Kaloti stores available in many cities around the world, such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Miami, etc.

Using the state-of-the-art facilities, Kaloti maintains the standards for its products so that it can give the best to the customers. Besides the standard of the products, this company also has the highest standards for reliability, accuracy and integrity so that the reputation can be maintained well. Thus, these standards resulted in the given of ISO award certification for the gold and bullion manufacturing and also for the concern on environment.

The center of gold business as well the flagship of Kaloti is in Dubai Gold Souk. In the souk, you can find and enjoy the beauty of gold which is made and processed by Kaloti factory in the showrooms. Besides in the gold Souk, you can also purchase the Kaloti gold at Dubai Mall, the largest mall in the world, to get the highest quality of gold. Millions of visitors, either to buy or to see, have come to Kaloti Jewellery showroom in Gold Souk every month and still there is no regret and disappointment in their dictionary. This amount of visitors have been the largest profit of gold and jewellery and become the main player of gold jewellery and trade market of Dubai.

Kaloti Jewellery with its power in gold trading in Dubai in which Dubai has mostly depended on it achieves in 2011 Dubai Good Delivery Status because of its big amount of sale. Moreover, Kaloti’s another base in Jumeirah Lakes Towers at Al Mas Towers level 35D-H which is the result of the expansion of the headquarter will later be the place where all jewellery activities be centered at. Meanwhile, the center of the bullion is at Kaloti Bullion Office in Gold Centre Building at Gold Souk-Deira.

Kaloti with its competitive prices brings out the beauty of traditions in its designs. These traditions come from the wide scope of culture in the world and they are shown through the combination of gold and other natural material such as pearl and diamond. With certain consideration, Kaloti spreads out its 18 carat gold across Europe and the beauty of the color of 21 and 22 carat gold across East and Asia. Moreover, without being narrow-minded and to ensure the wider choice for the customers, Kaloti is also made of import gold from Bahrain, Italy, Hong Kong, Korea, India and China. All of these high quality materials are blended into beautiful stylish rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelet and many other collections that strongly honor the variety of traditional cultures around the world.

While you are exposing the tremendous beauty of Kaloti in Dubai, spend your quality time walking around Dubai and finding the most exciting moment in your life. Dubai has many interesting points which are worth your money and time. Besides the largest mall which is Dubai Mall and the tallest building which is Burj Khalifa, Dubai also has the greatest ambitious breathtaking artificial man-made islands that will stay in your memory forever.

Kaloti Jewellery

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