Women and feminism cannot be separated from each other. Feminism point of view sees women in a better way and upholding women’s pride. Feminism sees women as a priority and every woman has the same right with men in all aspects of life. Sometimes, when someone hears about the term feminism, they always associate it with some kind of serious topics. We can connect many aspects of life with feminism. We can see it in every single thing that involve women’s role in life. One thing that never crosses someone’s mind when they relate feminism with diamonds. Everybody sees those two things in a different way. However, that two things are actually can be related one to another. There’s a company that upholds this term feminism as a vision for their jewellery product. Kiah Diamond sees women as their inspiration and aspiration for their products. They make jewellery that carry the spirit of feminism.

Kiah Diamonds was founded in 2004 in order to celebrate the power of feminism, the strength of womanhood, and the beauty of diamonds. Kiah designs and creates incredible diamond jewellery that spread out the radiance and elegance of the spirit of women. They want to beautify women with the jewellery that they make and also represent the spirit of feminism. The vision of their products rooted from a traditional and ancient culture in their art and they craft it into unique designs of jewellery. They choose the name "Kiah" from Persian language which means “a new beginning” and in Australian Aborigine culture, "Kiah" means “from the beautiful place”. It symbolizes their vision to make unique designs of diamonds from a place that has been chosen for the everlasting radiance that every woman possesses. They celebrate the power of feminism through their stunning collections of diamond jewellery and they are committed to the pride of feminism forever.

Kiah Diamond brings the spirit of feminism in every single product that they create. It can be seen from so many collections that Kiah offers to their women customers. They have hand jewellery collections such as bangles, bracelets, and rings that made from diamonds and also yellow and white gold. Their collections of hand jewellery will make your soul complete because of its beauty. Kiah also has special collections for neck jewellery such as lovely designed necklaces, chains, and pendants that will make all women feel like a queen when they are wearing this jewellery. For your beautiful ears, Kiah has beautiful collections of earpieces like chandeliers, hoops, danglings, huggies, and jhumkas that you can adjust to your individual taste. You should note that Kiah Diamond has many varieties of colors, shapes, and diamond cuts that will satisfy your taste.

Kiah Diamond also has collections that you can adjust for so many special occasions. They have “Bridal Collections” for your perfect wedding occasions with beautiful and exquisite collections of star-studded rubies, diamonds, and other gemstones; they can transform an ordinary bride to be a stunning bride with fantastic jewellery. Kiah also has “Love Collections” for your precious love moments from engagement rings, anniversaries, to a Valentine’s Day gift that can make your special moment unforgettable. The next special collection is "Nature Collections" for you who adore the beauty of the nature in its pure form of nature with their 12 beautiful collections of "nature-themed" jewellery for your collections. The last collection is the "Festive Collections". In this collection, you can find jewellery that are designed with the blend of traditional and modern touch that makes the jewellery rare, precious, and it will brighten up your happy moments.

For women, all they need is someone who cares for their needs and understands their taste. Kiah Diamond understands you and your women spirit and they bring their stunning diamond collections into reality to satisfy your need and celebrate the spirit of feminism. All you need is choosing the best of the best in Kiah store in Dubai. You can examine their beauty and exquisite jewellery collections at The Dubai Mall. Explore the beauty of Kiah Diamond and transform yourself into a beautiful lady and spread out your power of feminism with Kiah Diamonds.

Kiah Diamonds

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