Chic, unique and modern. Those are the best words to describe the pieces of art of Mamiya Jewelers. The jeweler that was established in 1996 has reached its gold era not without a big effort. Starting from a small store, now it has already had many outlets around Dubai, its starting point. During the beginning era of Mamiya jeweler, it has created and maintained its uniqueness in processing and designing 18K gold and diamond jewellery that becomes Mamiya’s strong point until today. With its own uniqueness, Mamiya jeweler always tries to meet and fulfill the customers’ needs and wishes. Mamiya Jeweler understands that jewels are bought to be the lifetime investment.

The collection consists of rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, bangles and bracelets. Since Mamiya Jewelers understand the customers, it provides jewelry with different range of price that enables you to purchase the jewelry with whatever budget that you have. The rings collection consists of wedding rings, engagement rings and even dress rings. All of the rings are decorated with diamond or other natural beautiful stones, such as emerald and ruby. The rings are also not the simple round ring but it is also designed to be unique, either with one big diamond or some small diamonds or the combination of them.

Mamiya’s earrings consist of hoop earrings and ear studs. The first one is the earring that will sway loosely on your ears whenever you move. The shape can be the long ones or round like a ring. While the latter one, is the earring that stay close to your ears. Both kinds are beautiful since they are made professionally to meet the customers’ taste. Hoop earring suits for you who have a long neck since it will beautify some plain space around your neck and ears, while the ear studs will make you look elegant with its blink.

Next item which is ready to be put in your wish list is Mamiya’s pendants. The pendants are decorated with white and yellow gold, pearl, sapphire or emerald. The uniqueness of these items will complete when you combine it with the similar design of Mamiya’s hoop earring or ear stud. Although some of the designs are cross and heart, all of them are made different from any other brands’ pendants. And still, the customers’ taste is the main importance.

Mamiya Jewelry necklaces are made of gold, white and black pearls, and other natural stones. These necklaces, either loose or tight one, can flatter your long slim neck with the beauty of the shiny stones. These necklaces are simple yet unique.

The bracelets will strengthen your skin color, no matter what it is. Besides combining gold and diamond in one bracelet, Mamiya is also able to combine the yellow gold with colorful gemstones to create a magnificent bracelet. Do not stop after adoring the bracelets because the bangles are waiting for you. Mamiya’s bangles are so fancy and various. It has so many designs that will make you continuously say “wow”.

Mamiya’s bangles never be too simple for you. In the bangles, Mamiya’s professional designers show their creativity in combining the natural metal with the natural stones. The result can be seen in the small marquise cut diamond bangles, three lines set bangles, simple curved design with diamonds inbuilt, combination of sapphire and diamond bangles, even the flare design diamond bangles, and many other designs that suit for all ages.

The main branch of Mamiya Jeweler is at Deira Old Gold Souk. You can also find the stores near Emirates Mall in Gold and Diamond Park, in Buti Vallahdas at Al Daghaya-Deira Souq, at the Ground Floor in Burj Khalifa, and even at the world famous Dubai Mall. These stores around Dubai provide you many choices of high quality jewelry with the undefeated friendly service for you. Besides, having a vacation at Dubai will also refresh your mind from the stressful working situation because it will give you the pleasure of being a nobleman since Dubai gives many kinds of astonishing experiences. The ability of Dubai to combine the business and pleasure will bring you to the “other world” with the joy of being on the highest point in the world or standing on the only man-made islands. Moreover, you can also spoil your senses with the view of Dubai, the taste of the food or the beauty of live music in the bars.

Mamiya Jewelers

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