In this modern era, many businesses are developing so fast. Many kinds of new business grow each and every day around the world. Jewellery business is one of the most promising businesses today. This business has been known for a long time and now days, it reaches its peak of success. Jewellery traders are like fungus in a rainy season. Since jewellery is a precious commodity, many customers now days buy jewellery not only as an accessory to their body, but also they use it as an investment for the future. That’s why the jewellery producers have to race to trade their products. Many ways are used by the jewellery trader to sell their products, some of them are good, and the others are not good enough. Navrang is one of the producers which use a creative way to attract their customers. They understand that pleasure and practicality are people’s need in this era. That is why this producer creates the easiness of jewellery shopping in their shop. Navrang is one of the jewellery shops that allow their customers to buy their products online. So, if you are who want to shop easily from your house or office, Navrang can be your number one shopping choice.

Navrang Jewellery has been started their business in a long time. It is originally started in Bahrain in 1972 by Mr. Kantilal P. Waya, after a while, the owner decided to move their business to Dubai. He saw the bigger opportunity on the jewellery market in Dubai, which is one of the center of jewelry trading in the world. Now, the company is led by his son, Mr. Heemansu Waya, he is the one who saw the opportunity of their business on the internet. Since then, the customers can buy their products online via eNavrang. What is the specialty of this feature? On Navrang website, the customers can see all of the stunning collections of Navrang Jewellery from all categories and their details. You can also track your order to know where it is and when will your order reach your address. This facility is surely comfortable, easy, and of course less time consuming.

Navrang combines the ethnic and modern style in every pieces of jewellery to strengthen the characteristics of their collection. One of their special collections is the middle age section for you who want to look for the prominent and ethnic pieces. Not only the middle age section, Navrang Jewelry has a lot of collections of earrings, pendants, bracelets, diamond solitaires rings, wedding and cocktail rings, engagement rings, and wedding bands, and also other beautiful jewellery set to fulfill your needs. All of the jewellery at Navrang use the best material including yellow and white gold, and the combination of both of them, diamonds, and other precious gemstones like rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and cultured pearls. Don’t worry because all of the diamonds in Navrang are certified and it all comes with the GIA certificate. When you buy the jewellery online, you will also get the certificate along with your chosen precious jewellery.

If you are interested and you want to learn more about this shop, you can visit their website. In the Learning Centre on Navrang’s website, you can see and learn many things about diamonds, pearls, and other gemstones. Other than that, you can also see the gift ideas for weddings, anniversaries, and engagements. One of many advantages of the website is you can also learn about the price of the jewellery you want to buy. From this website is you can make preferences of the price from under 1000 USD, between 1000 to 2000 USD, and above 2000 USD. Another facility that you can get from Navrang is, they are expert in repairing family heirlooms and you will get it with economical price.

To satisfy the customers’ needs, Navrang Jewellery also opens their showrooms in many strategic places in Dubai. Their stores are available at the biggest shopping mall in Dubai, the Dubai Mall, also in the Mall of Emirates, and in the Marina Mall in the Dubai Marina. If you are not satisfied with only visiting their website, you can come and experience the elegant and comfortable stores of Navrang Jewellery in Dubai. The trained staffs in Navrang stores will help your shopping process and answer your questions related to their products. So, come and enjoy the world of Navrang.

Navrang Jewellery

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