Piaget, the most creative jeweler ever. This brand is able to juggle both yellow and white gold combined with pearl, emerald, ruby, and other kinds of precious and colorful gemstones into the very different and unique jewelry which can even be regarded them as arts. Piaget has successfully shown that jewelry is another form of art. The collection of jewelry is made for both man and woman under some groups of design. The designs are grouped into Possession, Wedding, Piaget Hearts, Limelight, Piaget Rose, Magic Gardens of Piaget and Creative Collection.

As shown by its name line, the collection of Possession shows the unbreakable love story of the couple. The jewels of Possession symbolize the connection that binds a relationship. Through this line, Piaget presents the two intertwined rings that are showing the eternal story of love. These intertwined rings are made of white, pink, or yellow or the combination of two kinds of gold decorated with diamonds and engraved with the “Possession” word. Under this name, although it means the possessiveness, the jewels are designed to be playful yet seducing. Possession consists of bracelet, necklace, pendant and ring with the designs that will make everyone falls for them.

Wedding bands of Piaget are made special for every couple. Understanding that wedding is the beginning of a new life but also the next step of the previous life, Piaget wedding bands shows the beauty of commitment and togetherness in a marriage. For the bride, the wedding band is made elegant and decorated with thousands of sparkling diamonds showing the caring, while the groom’s wedding band is made strong and masculine showing the protection. Both bands are made to complete each other as what is needed in a marriage. Moreover, the clean lines show the eternal unity and passion of a couple.

Basicly made for women, the femininity of Piaget Hearts is irresistible. Designed to be elegant and sophisticated, this collection suits for woman from all ages with various characteristics. Although the basic form is the well-known heart, Piaget Jewelry successfully makes them into the unique and varies. The Heart collection is made to celebrate love, thus it is made of asymmetrical curves to symbolize the cheer of love, while the sparkling diamonds are showing the glittering love.

Inspired by the glittering world of famous stars, Limelight is created sparklingly to make all eyes be caught on you. This collection is suitable for the red carpet events and has been worn by famous artists. Its unique design which combines gold with diamonds and black spinels in Limelight Jazz Party, pink gold with diamonds and white chalcedony, or gold with diamonds and black tourmaline in Limelight New York Inspiration will truly and easily exhibit the dazzling silhouettes wherever you go.

Rose, the flower that is dedicated for true love, is eternalized by Piaget Jewelry in one of its collection. This is inspired by the blossomed rose given to Yves G. Piaget by a famous plant cultivator. By Piaget’s creative team, this beautiful flower is made even more beautiful with gold, diamonds, and other precious stones.

As the completion of its collections of floral theme, Piaget launches Magic Gardens of Piaget that consists of the necklace and pendant in the shape of beads of water. This shape symbolizes the dew that can be found in flowers and other plants. This crystallized drop made of diamond will freshen your day.

The special creation of Piaget Jewelry comes under the name Creative Design. This is called special because this creation comes from the original creative thought of the Creative Team of Piaget and on the other hand becomes the trendsetter of this kind of design. Creative Design consists of Limelight Golden Party – Piaget Rose (all designs with the blue sapphire, pink sapphire, precious stones, white chalcedony, and of course diamond) and the Limelight Cocktail Inspiration which combines white gold and precious stones, diamonds, black onyx, etc.

Since its establishing year of 1874, Piaget Jewelry has developed vastly until today. Not only knowing that Dubai has also undergone a state-of-the-art development, Piaget also takes the chance to spread its wing internationally. In Dubai, the boutiques can be found in Wafi Mall and Dubai Mall, while the retailers are in Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons.

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