One of some jewellery designers that are able to create something unique is Pomellato. This company was founded in 1967 in Milan. From its starting point in that city, Pino Rabolini, the founder, has successfully spread Pomellato’s wings to many countries in the world. In the beginning of Pomellato era, this company was the founder of prêt-à-porter concept in jewellery industry and this was the real revolution back then. Pomellato is the trigger of wearing jewellery everyday every moment because not only does this jeweller create many designs to prevent boredom but it also guarantees the wearer of being elegant and beautiful.

No wonder if Pomellato becomes famous of its creativity in inventing new designs in jewels. All of this quality comes from its struggle through research to make an innovation which is based on the tradition. The endless struggle of originality that comes from all people who work in this company has brought Pomellato becomes the biggest four brand in Europe.

Alongside with the traditional thought of the Italian artisans who work in Pomellato, all products are made with the innovative stone cutting and setting which are aimed to bring the characteristics of the shape, light, and color of the stone into the jewellery. Thus, all products are made to show the pure sense of the used materials. Moreover, in order to keep up with the trend of the fashion, Pomellato renews the collection constantly while keeping the tradition and values of the brand.

Products of Pomellato consist of Re and Regina pendants, Griffe rings, Gourmette, Lucciole, Victoria, Nudo and M’ama non m’ama which interpret the trend on the year they are established. These products are called evergreen since their trend will last forever.

The creativity of Pomellato does not stop it to create simple yet amusing jewels. The Nudo rings are made of white gold and decorated with purple amethyst, lemon quartz, Madeira quartz, prasiolite, and blue London topaz. These precious stones create rings that will take all eyes to your finger. While M’ama non m’ama rings are decorated even with smaller stone but given small brown diamonds to beautify the rose gold. Capri, Bahia, Victoria, Tango, Tabou, Sabia consist of the set of ring, necklace and bracelet. These set of collections have their own design that make them different from the other collection. For example, Capri uses coral, jet and turquoise stones in its white gold-based jewels, while Bahia cheerfully uses blue London topaz, pink sapphire, blue sapphire, Madeira quartz, and other colorful stones. As shown by its name, Victoria consists of elegant and noble jewels which are made of the combination of rose gold and jet.

“It takes two to tango” is the inspiration of creating Tango. This collection consists of jewels in the form of chains that made of rose gold that is decorated with burnished silver and brown diamonds. You might never know how chain can be so attractive and beautiful before knowing these jewels.

Pomellato also has the collection of unique jewels called Pom Pom. This line is the haute couture of Pomellato. The rarity of these jewels comes from the combination of precious colorful gemstones which are cut asymmetrically and created unconventionally. Emotion is the strong point of this line.

As a famous jeweller, Pomellato establishes more and more stores around the world to echo its design and innovation. The trend sets by Pomellato even in the most famous city in UAE which is Dubai. Because of its strength in tourism, Dubai becomes the right place to communicate a new trend. Thus, without any hesitation, this innovative jeweller opens the store in Jumeirah Emirates Tower, one of the major shopping malls in Dubai.

If you are a person who chooses a calmer jewel rather than the cheerful colorful one, Pomellato 67 is the best choice for you. This collection is made of silver combined with dark color stones, such as marcasite or iron pyrite instead of white or rose gold. Thus, the jewels of Pomellato 67 can truly rock your world with its elegance and freedom. This collection is inspired by the "Me Decade" in 1976 which showed that every object boldly represented someone’s personality which became the declaration of one’s independence.

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