Samra was established in 1941 by Deeb Abu Samra in Dubai, the major jewellery suppliers’ city in the world. Dubai as the major jewellery suppliers does not get its reputation in an instant way. The dedication, hard work, and the competition spirits of the traders make it becomes a leading county in the jewellery business. As the result, nowadays we cannot go around Dubai without passing gold or diamond jewellery stores. This spirit of the competition also brought Deeb Abu Samra to give his best contribution to Dubai jewellery market. Due to his determination, Samra is now become a leading company in diamond and white gold trade in Dubai.

Samra specialized itself on providing the best quality of white gold and diamond in a reasonable price for their customers. Its mission is to provide the customers with high quality diamonds and fine jewellery in as reasonable price as possible. This mission is followed by their action in using the modern technology to support their jewellery productions and distribution for the customers. With all of their commitment, Samra is indeed the Dubai diamond expert where you can find many stunning collections of high quality white diamonds and white gold. 95% of the products in Samra made from high quality of white gold. Since it started its business in jewelry trading, Samra has been considered as the best supplier of high-end wedding jewelry and diamond jewelry. Although it has been famous around Dubai, Samra never neglect their commitment to serve the best jewelry at a reasonable price, so you will get high quality jewellery with a good price in Samra.

Samra has four main collections of jewelr} named Samra, Splendore, Paula, and Aria. From these four collections, the Samra and Splendore collections specialized in wedding jewelry from stunning diamond engagement and wedding rings, wedding bands, beautiful bridal necklaces, tiara, brooches, pendants and the most adorable wedding jewelry sets. All of them are presented with high quality diamonds. The other two special collections, Paula and Aria, are designed for any special moments or occasions for their customers. If you prefer gold pieces that is combined with many beautiful colored gemstones, Paula collections can be your first choice. However, if you prefer white gold jewellery instead of yellow gold, Aria will be your perfect choice that you won’t regret. Other than those four main collections, Samra also has many other collections of jewelry such as Desirée, classic white-gold jewellery that are available in cocktail rings and diamond necklace sets. Mirage is also a collection that you can consider to be your choice; it presented jewellery pieces with colored gemstones combined with white gold and diamonds. Besides diamond and white gold, you can see that some of the collections in Samra using yellow gold and colored gemstones. The quality of yellow gold and their colored gemstones such as emeralds, rubies, and turquoises are also the best.

To increase their service to their customers, Samra also spread its wings into e-commerce to make shopping easier for their customers. You can see all of the collections that they have in their stores and you can also set your financial preferences because they put the price range of their products in the website as well. Most of the jewellery in Samra comes in reasonable price start from AED 750 to above AED 3850, now the choice is in your hands. Every diamond and jewellery piece in Samra also comes with certificate to guarantee its originality, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of your purchased jewelries. For their online purchases transactions, Samra will guarantee the payment and shipping process of your goods to ensure that you get your right orders. Samra also offers free shipping for their customers residing in the area of United Arab Emirates and United States. With all of the great facility and quality that you can get form Samra, you don’t have to think twice because you will only get the best here.

To complete your great experience of jewellery shopping, Samra also provides you with their luxurious showrooms in Dubai. If you want to get the real sensation of shopping, you can consider visiting Samra showrooms in the Mall of the Emirates, Deira City Centre, Deira Gold Souk, and Dubai Festival City. Enjoy your jewellery shopping in the “City of Gold” with Samra.

Samra Jewellery

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Samra Dubai

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