There are principal cities that belong to United Arab Emirates and one of them is Dubai which is located at the southeast of the Persian Gulf. Dubai is known as one of the richest cities in UAE and also the city whose fame increase state revenues. Because of its wealth, the densely population and its special right in having veto power, Dubai is often misunderstood as a country or city state. Nonetheless, this city has beautiful places and panorama for tourists who like to visit there and it also has much jewellery shopping for those who like to collect certain kinds of jewellers.

It was not a mistake to make Dubai as one of the places to be visited since you can find lots of things here. If you like to buy jewellery, then this city is a good one in selling many of high quality jewellers. You can find any brands from locals and from international that open their store in Dubai. Those brands offer variety of designs and types that is endless.

Sky Jewellery is one of the brands which have a great quality. It comes in very unique, fantastic and beautiful design and it is made in gold. This jewellery is very famous as it comes from Indian-Dubai jewellery brand. There are lots of events and promotions that are provided by Sky jewelry on its website so the fans, the collectors or the buyers, could know very well and always update about the products, the jewellery items and the latest events, moments or happenings in the jewellery world, especially in Dubai.

Doha, Qatar is the place chosen for establishing a store of Sky jewellery in 1978. Since that time, this brand developed to become the flagship brand which from there is also formed Sky group, the group which is successful in a variety of business forms. All innovations adopted by this jewelrymaking it as a brand that has a good reputation in Dubai jewellery world. The reputation that is built for superior quality and value of this jewellery, leads the customers to make this brand as their priory when they come or visit Dubai.

There are lots of collections in Sky jewellery and one of them is the golden and diamond necklace. As you have known that this brand of jewellery belongs to the Sky group, a company that was established in Dubai in 1978. This brand specializes in golden jewellery which has a great and top quality. The necklace collections are sold in reasonable and friendly prices. So you do not have to worry you will spend a lot of money to buy this jewellery. Sky does not only focus in dealing with jewellery items but also in dealing with wholesale trading. There are lots of stores of this jewellery you can find here. The stores provide or sell the golden necklace sets if you like to buy some. Some of collections of this jewellery are offered are MAIA, Nectar, Ishwariya, Envy and Surya and they are made in the same way. They are also made by arrangement of chain yellow gold necklace and enclose is a medal.

The arrangement of those golden necklaces symbolizes a flower or sunflower. Besides, other natures are also symbolized by diamonds and pearls that are attached to the necklaces. The necklace collections also use white colors and then mix them with yellow gold to create an elegant appearance for those who wear them. However, some of the necklace collections are also made in a classy way. Find these collections to make you more beautiful, look fabulous and also fantastic. This brand is not only shown in Dubai but also in every Gulf countries as it has become the famous and the popular jewellers. Sky jewellery is a great place to visit once you are in Dubai. Spend your money here because you will get more precious and worthy necklace. The designs and the collections that are sold here will not let you down. Get those collections as gifts for your family, husbands or wives. Once again, do not have to worry about the prices because you will cost less since the prices are reasonable and friendly.

Sky Jewellery

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Sky Jewelry

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Sky Jewelry

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Sky Jewelry in Dubai

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