Malabar Gold and Diamonds is the only solution for you who want to have the jewellery that becomes priceless when it is passed from generation to generation. Indeed, the jewels are handcrafted and are worth at a price, but once it is purchased it will give you the lifetime satisfaction with higher value in the future.

This company is the flagship division of Malabar Group which is a fast growing business in India. Malabar Gold and Diamonds provides a wide variety of high quality gold, diamond, pearl, and platinum accessories. The designs are made by trustful professional master designers who work together with the researchers to suit the demands of customers with multi-culture and multi-nationality. Therefore, these designs of the jewels are easily be loved by people from all over the world. Besides, because this company always prioritizes the quality of the products, the jewels of Malabar Gold and Diamonds are strongly trusted by people as the number one jewels. The designers not only try to fulfill the demands of multi cultures customer who have various taste of fashion, but also create the classic and the contemporary designs so that the jewels can be worn by people from all ages. While maintaining the quality and the designs, Malabar Gold and Diamonds also try to serve the best jewellery for whatever budget that you have.

Malabar jewellery consists of the wide variety of collection that is able to maintain its after-sale price that makes you never feel disappointed of having to purchase one. Besides, this jeweller also guarantees you for the after-sale personal service with the same service as when you were going to purchase. Thus, besides guaranteeing you with the quality of the product, it also guarantees you for the customer-dedicated services.

Malabar Gold and Diamonds enables you to celebrate the beauty of life with its collections of bangles, earrings, necklaces, pendants and rings which are made of diamond, gold or platinum. The jeweller that started its step on 1993 under the guidance of M.P. Ahammed opened its first retail at Calicut. Alongside with the trust given by the customers, the company successfully opened its other outlets in many cities across South India and today the outlets have even been opened in Middle East. Malabar Gold and Diamonds that has Dubai as its headquarters for international operations maintains its strength by having the family-friendly atmosphere among the people who work inside the company, from the sales men to the directors. This kind of management successfully transfers the teamwork atmosphere to the customers and therefore makes the customers feel happy and comfortable in communicating their demands.

Dubai has been hailed as the City of Gold and the city which has an important role as the business hub for the worldwide operation since many years ago. No wonder that this city was trusted to be the starting point of Malabar Group’s overseas operations and was pointed to be the headquarter of Malabar Gold and Diamonds international operation by October 2007. Soon, the operation will also embrace other cities outside Middle East such as Sri Lanka, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, London, etc.

Find and purchase any collection of this jeweller and get your own endless satisfaction in any outlet stores in Dubai. In order to help you to get it easily, Dubai has six outlets spreading in all over Dubai. Malabar Gold and Diamonds is in Bur Dubai at Al Fahidi Street, in Deira City Centre, in Gold Centre at Gold Souq, in Karama, Meena Bazaar at Souq Al Kabeer Building, and Qusais at Lulu Hypermarket. All of these outlets provide you the exclusive collections of some well-known jewellery brands, such as Mine, Era, Divine, Ethnix, Starlet and Precia. These brands have their own uniqueness.

Mine is the specific brand for unique collection of world class diamonds. Era, inspired by the traditional heritage of India, gives you the uncut diamond jewellery which shows the symbol of prestige. On the other hand, Divine which is also a tribute to Indian tradition brings the uniqueness of gold to beautify you. The lovers of handcrafted jewellery will love the collection of Ethnix which strongly brings the uniqueness of craftsmanship in its every graceful piece. And for another choice, Starlet brings out the young and cheerful spirit through its collection.

Malabar Gold & Diamonds

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