"The City of Gold", that’s what people call Dubai. It is one of the centers of jewelry trades around the world. Dubai gets that nickname because there’s no way you can visit Dubai without seeing gold and jewelry stores there. Speaking of gold, there is a special place in Dubai that has the very best quality of gold with the best service and affordable price. Taiba Jewelry Dubai, an international fine gold manufacturer and supplier is the right place for you to get your fine gold jewelry. Taiba is a famous company with the expertise of producing jewelry from yellow gold. It is ranked among the top five gold manufacturers and suppliers. Taiba was established in 1989 in Saudi Arabia, not long after that, the brand moved their company to Dubai and began to re-establish their trade there. Not long after that, Taiba became a leading company of jewelry trade in Dubai. Beside their center store in Dubai, Taiba also spreads its business in many places in the Gulf region such as Jeddah, Medina, Riyadh, Daman, Beirut, and Cairo.

To add their successful records in jewelry trading, Taiba also gained some awards such as Leader of Service and Quality Award in 2010, The Arch of Europe in 2010, International Grand Prix Leader in Prestige and Quality in 1999, and many other awards. Taiba also gains a Guinness Book of Record in the category of heaviest gold ring product named the Najimat Taiba or the Star of Taiba that weigh more than 65kg. To maintain this success and achievement, Taiba has been committed to their policy of growth and development while maintaining their best quality and workmanship. As a customer, Taiba ensures that you will get the best design, quality, service, and affordable price if you purchase their products.

If you are a big fan of gold pieces, Taiba has a various collections of gold in the form of gold rings, pendants, necklaces, anklets, bracelets, earrings, bangles, and full sets collections. The jewelry in Taiba stores has the quality of 18k and 21k in their gold collections. The customers can choose the appropriate level of purity according to their needs and their budget. Besides yellow gold jewelries, Taiba also provides you with best quality of 18k and 21k white gold jewelry. The stones that are used in their products are also high quality Cubic Zircon (CZ) in many beautiful colors and shapes combined in your gold jewelries. Taiba has some special collections that you can choose according to your tastes and needs.

If you look for wedding and engagement jewelries, Taiba offers many ranges of wedding bands and wedding rings in 18k and 21k. They also have many kinds of bracelets, bangles, necklaces and pendants in 18k and 21k gold. If you are interested in traditional jewelry Carina Style will provide you with plenty of traditional Indian jewelry. It is a collection of traditional Indian jewelry with some specialty such as double rings, Indian bangles, anklets, and necklace sets. Fancy Rose Style that includes white gold and mixed gold jewelry. Taiba also offers the Hijab Collection which consists of beautiful Islamic pendants and many other full sets jewelry to fulfill your jewelry needs.

If you don’t feel like going shopping in a store, Taiba Jewelry has a special offer for their customers. They provide their customers with online shopping facility. This is a special service that you will only find in a few jewelry stores around the world, so don’t waste this great opportunity. Taiba has two official websites. In the first website, you will find the variety of jewelry collections in Taiba Jewelry and also anything you want to know about the company and their products. The other one is for the E-commerce website for Taiba’s beautiful jewelry collections.

If you are interesting in buying your jewelry online, the second website will provide you all of the information that you need before you purchase, it covers the price and payment, the policies, the shipment, and the list of their collections that are available in stores. However, if you really want to feel the real sensation of jewelry shopping on the spot while enjoying Dubai, you can also visit their store in the Dubai Gold Souk Deira at Gold Land Building. You can also find their stores in some cities in Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt.

Taiba Jewelry

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Taiba Dubai

Taiba is the jeweler of choice for many people not just in Dubai but around the world as well where she supplies her jewelry products. Buy Taiba jewelry at any of its brand stores in Dubai or shop at the Taiba e-commerce website which suppo ...

Taiba Jewelry Collection

Choose your preferred jewelry from the wide choice available at Taiba. As a leading jeweler in Dubai, Taiba has earned a place deep in the hearts of loyal customers for her quality jewelry and inspiring designs. Choose from rings, pendants, ...

Taiba Necklaces

Look gorgeous in a Taiba necklace of your choosing. Taiba necklaces are available in a wide variety and like everything else from this jeweler, are a beauty to look at. Whether you are looking for a single necklace or an entire jewelry set ...

Taiba Gold Jewelry

Taiba jewelry is beautiful and artistically designed to draw attention. The jeweler offers an extensive range of products, which includes engagement and wedding rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants, chains, bracelets, brooches and more. Buy ...

Taiba Bracelets

Try out the bracelet collection from Taiba, the leading jeweler in Dubai, for a classy yet stylish look. Taiba bracelets are designed with your satisfaction in mind, which explains why so much attention is given to every detail and nook on ...

Taiba Rings

Look spectacular in a Taiba ring of your choice. Taiba rings come in all designs, shapes and sizes and are perfect for everyday as well as special occasion wear. The jeweler has a variety of collections, which include engagement rings, wedd ...

Taiba Jewelry Dubai

Taiba has quickly become one of the world’s most recognized jewelry brands. The jeweler began operations in 1980 in Dubai, where it still based to date. Taiba jewelry blends the traditional and the contemporary in an amazing flow of fashi ...

Taiba Rings Dubai

Taiba’s wide offering of designer rings makes it easy for you to sport the ring of your dreams. The jeweler offers a variety of ring styles, with wedding rings, engagement rings and colourful fashion rings proving to be quite a hit among ...

Taiba Gold Jewelry

Consider buying Taiba jewelry for the ultimate stylish look. Taiba, a respected Dubai jeweler and gold supplier around the world, sells only the finest of gold jewelry. Their collections are varied enough to appeal to all preferences. From ...

Taiba Gold Dubai

Buy exceptional jewelry from the Taiba store in Dubai. Taiba jewelry comes in a range of designs and is perfect for all season wear. Taiba is a popular jeweler in Dubai and is increasingly becoming popular around the world. Check out the la ...

Taiba Earrings

Highlight any look with a pair of fancy earrings from Taiba, tone of the leading jewelers in Dubai. Taiba jewelry stands out for its glamorous appeal and high quality. Their earrings are great for everyday and special occasion wear and come ...

Taiba Necklace

As one of the premier jewelers in Dubai, Taiba Jewelry has a rich experience in designing and making jewelry. Their necklace collections are inspiring and come in a wide variety of styles. Indian, Asia-inspired, Arabic-Muslim styles and con ...

Taiba Jewelry

Find the perfect jewelry collection for your wardrobe at Taiba. The jeweler offers a wide variety of options when it comes to jewelry and you can’t go wrong with any of their products. Taiba jewellery collections include Indian and Orient ...

Taiba & Gold Souk

Visit the Taiba store in Dubai, located at the Gold Souk in Deira, for the widest selection of top quality gold jewelry. All jewelry from Taiba is made from gold, and comes in white and yellow gold. The jeweler avails her products in all st ...

Taiba Bracelets

Rock the Taiba bracelets of your choice and enjoy the look of admiration it elicits from friends and strangers alike. Taiba is a renowned jeweler, most popular for its luxury jewelry. Their bracelets are no exception and ooze the charm and ...

Taiba Engagement Rings

Taiba is a very popular jewelry brand, best known for designing the heaviest wedding band of 65kgs. It stocks the perfect engagement rings with a stone in the middle and has exclusive collections made from gold and diamonds. It also offers ...

Taiba Jewelry Shopping

Taiba runs an online jewelry store and is one of the best jewelers in Dubai. It displays the best jewelry in the market and shoppers can get to buy any jewelry they like and have it delivered to them. Taiba offers customers a range of payme ...

Taiba Jewelry in Dubai

Taiba Jewelry is an international fine gold manufactured based in Dubai and is actually rated among the top five gold manufacturers and suppliers in this area. You should definitely check its jewelry items because you’ll certainly be thri ...